How to be find happiness within yourself


Yoga Is an All-Rounder Solution, Provided You Are Pressing the Right Buttons

Read about the various Yogasans on the internet, and you might think that most of them are telling plain lies. No doubt, apprehensions like these have substance. You might have read on the internet that – the tree pose is good for stress, tree pose is good for eardrums, tree pose is good for hormonal balance and tree pose is good for a toned body. It is indeed true that the tree pose certainly has some role to play in all the above-mentioned ailments. The last couple of years have seen a mushrooming of Yoga-related information on the internet. Certainly, Yoga is catching up as a fad, as a way of life, for all walks of people. Some information-generation bloggers are trying hard to cash on this “Yoga Boom” and coming up with informative and interesting blogs. A good blog must contain the basic crux of the matter. The current blog is an attempt to clear about the right application of the various Yogic postures, when you are performing them in order to beat the stress.

Birds Do Not Feel Stress Because They Are Flying Too High in the Sky

Here, we are referring to the eagle pose. This pose is an ideal pose for body toning, especially for the areas like hips, shoulders and thighs. When you do it for toning, then your posture is important; however, when you do it for stress, then it is ideal to fix your gaze at a point, little far from you. Try to do away withall your thoughts and stare at that point, while you are standing in the eagle pose. Now, this posture and this glance will help you in getting rid of the stress attacks. Your vision and your body, working on different tangents; this is the right way to detach yourself from a disturbing thought-process, which is the basic cause of stress in you.

Close Your Eyes and Feel That All Your Worries Are Melting

Uttanasan” or “Standing forward fold pose” is a pose very handy for body pains etc; and it also helps you in getting rid of that extra flab on the stomach and lower thighs. When you do it for stress, then, do make sure that after bending down your head and closing your eyes, you must take deep breaths and feel as if all your worries are melting. A rush of blood towards the brain will support your thought process and speed up the process of easing out stress.

Beating the Stress Is a Child’s Play

Strike Balasana or the child pose. This pose is specifically designed for the body stress. It is an effective way of releasing pressure from the Adrenal glands. Pressure on the Adrenal gland can invite the condition of a physical burnout. You can try this “very easy to strike a pose”, for the purpose of stress relief. For this, you need to add a mental activity in the process. Close your eyes and try to imagine about the palates of soothing shades of English colors like green, blue and Purple. You will feel as if you are in a different kind of trance. This new trance will help you in dragging you out of the trance of stress.

Try a Thunderbolt for a Peaceful Sleep

Vajrasan” or the “Thunderbolt Pose” is very good for your digestive system. You can also try this pose right after having heavy meals. If you are planning it for stress management, then try this pose right before you are going to sleep. Close your eyes and try to fix your gaze right above your nose. Focus on your respiration flow and try to flow with it. This pose will help you in securing a stress-free sound sleep.

Narrow Down Your Vision with the Help of the Cat Pose and the Cow Pose

Cows have been awarded with a smart monocular vision by nature. Cats are hunters and they have this “hunter’s vision” to support them in their day-to-day lives. Both, the cow pose and the cat pose are good for you spine muscles, because practicing these is almost like going for two different strokes of a gentle massage. Both the poses work against the stress. Also, if you wish to get the best results against stress while striking these poses, then, try to look around without moving your neck. This simple movement of eyes will help you in diverting your attention from the core factors that might cause stress for you.

For Therapeutic Yoga, Consult a Real Expert  

The therapeutic value of Yoga cannot be denied; we have seen some magical things happening in the lives of people who practice Yoga. All you need is to add objectivity into your actions, while you are performing yoga. This dose of objectivity can help you in fetching quick results.

Compare the results of Yoga with the performance of a Vitamin or any other nutrient. Mostly, nutrients do not pay much harm to your body, when you are taking them in excess. However, it is a waste, because body flushes them out and that is it. It is the same with Yoga; if you are not aware of the correct methods or the correct keys to perform them; then, these yogic postures are more or less like the flushed-out nutrients for your body. Search for a learned Yoga guru and learn the essence of every pose from a correct literature before you start doing it.