Hi everyone, I am Anuj and I have always been fascinated to develop deepen understanding about the causes of depression and anxiety. Over the years I have gone through a number of health issues that include being unhealthy, going for surgery, going through severe pain and emotional setbacks. On the one hand I achieved something and on the other I lost something, it seems like a process of getting back to square one. However, going through various twists and turns in life, I understood one thing i.e. in reality, every time we lose something we tend to learn from it. Therefore, failures & setbacks are the ones teach us significant lessons in life. Struggle to achieve something and going through pain always ended up pushing me further in life which helped me becoming  good human and practicing good behavior.

While growing up in life I have experienced many issues related to health & fitness. Under such circumstances we don’t need to invite stress, since it is inevitable. However, as time went by I learned that happiness is paramount asset and our birth right. Hence, with the support of mental strength and will power, I managed to overcome stress & major setbacks successfully.

I always wanted to share my experience with my family, friends and people around me, as being into digital marketing. I thought to share my experience and insights about mental strength, happiness and wellbeing with as many people as possible. I love to talk about remedies that help to get rid of depression, anxiety and panic attacks, if you have anything interesting please share your opinions of any of the content I have been working on this website. I would love to have your feedback in every form.

If you ever need any feedback or support in relation to depression and anxiety related issues then I would be happy to connect with you. Simply leave your comments below and try making sure that you visit my site as and when you have time.

I wish you all best in life for everything you crave for!